Your Words Matter Campaign

About Us

At Quirkie Kids, we are all about celebrating childhood and letting kids be kids. We believe that boys can be sweet and kind and that girls can be rough and tumble. We also believe that kids should be free to wear what they love. 

Boys shouldn't have to shop in the girls' section to find clothes that represents kindness, friendship, or love. And girls? Well, they shouldn't have to shop in the boys' section to find clothes with skateboards, dinosaurs or sharks.

Quirkie Kids is a different kind of company. For starters, we don't use labels. Our clothes are for kids. Period. End of Story. No boy clothes. No girl clothes. Just clothes. In addition, we are dreamers. We believe that a kinder - more accepting - world is possible. We hope you join us in making this dream a reality. 

As a small business we can only do much, but with your support we can do that much more. We are so grateful for our wonderful supporters and customers. We love being on this adventure with you!