Pledge To Our Boys

I started Quirkie Kids because I couldn't find clothes that matched my sons' personalities and interests. Now, six years later, little has changed. We still can't find clothes that reflect who they are at big retailers and so this pledge to my sons (and those like them) remains the same.

"You are expected to like and wear things that are considered appropriate for boys; sports, sharks, cars and trucks. In the boys' section, you find shirts that say that you're a heart breaker, a tough guy, a little monster, but I know you are none of those things. I know you are sweet and kind and that you like kittens and unicorns.

You ask me to buy you clothes with no words and no pictures because the options available to you don't reflect who you are. You deserve better. You deserve to walk into a store and find clothes that you like. Instead you walk out feeling like there's something wrong with you. It's not you; I promise. It's the world we live in.

Our society likes to label things as either for boys or for girls. The truth is there are no boy things and no girl things. There are only things. Perhaps one day, we will live in a world without labels. Until then, I will keep making clothes with things you like because you deserve to wear what you love."